• The first specialist translator translates your text and then proofreads it thoroughly for spelling, style and of course to ensure that the content of the translation is correct.
  • A second translator proofreads the text once more, also taking these aspects into account. Since four eyes are obviously better than two, this gives your translation the finishing touch. This two-person principle is also incorporated into the European DIN EN 15038 standard – and with good reason.

Our guarantee:


  • Translations based on the two-person principle
  • At least one of the translators specialises in law
  • At least one of the translators is a native speaker of the target language
  • Consistent terminology thanks to our CAT tool
If an editable version of the source text is available, we perform the translation using what is known as a CAT tool. CAT stands for computer-aided translation and should not be confused with machine translation. A CAT tool creates customer-specific databases that store every sentence along with its translation. The translator can access information on how certain terms were translated in the past with a single click – thereby ensuring the integrity of your company terminology and corporate wording.