We speak your language.

In both languages.

Interpreting requires more than just an ability to speak both languages fluently. Interpreters also need a solid education and training in interpreting methods. This is why I completed a post-graduate course in Interpreting and Translating for Courts and Public Authorities at the University of Hamburg after passing my exam as a translator.

However, I also interpret outside the courtroom during negotiations with your French business partners, on the factory floor to help train employees from France and in the interpreter’s booth during events attended by French guests. I interpret consecutively and simultaneously and am happy to help you select the appropriate interpreting method for your occasion.

Please note: Ideally, you provide me with preparation material well in advance. The more an interpreter can study the relevant material, the better the quality of interpreting. Preparation time is not invoiced separately; it is already included in my hourly rate.

I only interpret from French to German to French myself. Do you need an interpreter for a different language? Then don’t hesitate to contact me. I can recommend interpreters for a variety of languages.