Legal translations

You don’t just think in terms of legal clauses.

And we don’t just think in terms of vocabulary.


The main challenge in legal translations is that legal concepts in different judicial systems often don’t line up. In these instances, a literal translation simply won’t do. Descriptions and comments are required instead as an orientation aid – one that translators can only offer if they feel at home in both judicial systems.

This is why I completed a post-graduate course in Interpreting and Translating for Courts and Public Authorities at the University of Hamburg, which prepared me for precisely this challenge.

Our guarantee:

  • Translations based on the two-person principle
  • At least one of the translators specialises in law
  • At least one of the translators is a native speaker of the target language
  • Consistent terminology thanks to our CAT tool

Do you need translations in a language other than English, French or German? Then don’t hesitate to contact me. I can recommend translators for a variety of languages.